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w/ the purchase of a
month unlimited!
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return from vacation.

Our Goal is to provide the best salon experience for every customer, every time with exceptional customer service, clean facilities, and great prices!

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Tanning Packages...

Choose from a variety of tanning packages to best suit your needs, whether you are a frequent tanner or not so frequent, we have an option for you! We also offer five different levels of tanning equipment to customize your tanning experience.


Single Visits:

 Level 1:  $6  Level 4 & 5:  $15
 Level 2:  $9 Spa: $25

 Level 3:

Woman Tanning - Tanning Packages

Memberships (Most Popular Package):

 6 Months:  $33 (one time fee)

 1 Year:

 $49 (one time fee)


      2 Options Available with Membership...


      Co-Pay with Membership:

Level 1:  $3 Level 3:  $7 Spa:  $13
Level 2:  $5 Level 4 & 5:  $9



     $25 per Month with Membership:

Level 1:  Free Level 3:  $4 Spa:  $10
Level 2:  $2 Level 4 & 5:  $6

Multiple Visits:   *visits expire one year after purchase!

 10 Visits (Level 1):  $45  15 Visits (Level 1):  $60 3 Visits (Spa): $57

~Upgrades Are $2 per Level

Upgrade Visits:  *visits expire one year after purchase!

 3 Visits (Level 2):  $21  3 Visits (Level 3):  $27

 3 Visits (Level 4 & 5): 



Unlimited Tanning:

 1 Month (Level 1):  $49

 1 Month (Level 3):

 $79  1 Month (Level 4 & 5): $99

$2 Co-Pay Tanning:

 1 Week (Level 1):  $9

 1 Month (Level 1):


 ~$2 Co-pay for Level 1  -  Upgrades are an additional $2 per level

Contact us for more information about our tanning packages and equipment.



Tahiti Tan uses only high quality, high-output lamps in each bed to offer a better quality tan. The higher the level of your bed, the more bronze and less pink your skin will appear. We have five different levels to choose from...



Level 1 Bed


Level 1: Sunsource 32XP

  • 20 Minute Max Tanning Time
  • 32 Lamps - 100W each
    This Sunsource 32XP generates excellent UV performance for this class of tanning bed. You will not be disappointed with the results you can obtain from this unit! For only a level one bed it packs a punch!

     Level 2: Sundazzler Stand-up

    • 11 Minute Max Tanning Time
    • 46 Lamps - 160W each (Reflectors)

    In a hurry? No problem. Need to eliminate pesky lines or pressure points from using a bed? No worries! The Sundazzler will amaze you. Reflector lamps direct all UV light toward you for faster tanning results. This stand-up has acrylics vs. metal grates meaning you don't have to worry about cleanliness. *Side note: NEVER TAN IN A STAND UP UNIT WITH METAL GRATES AS BARRIERS BETWEEN YOU AND THE LAMPS...VERY UNSANITARY!!!

    Level 3 Stand-up Bed
    Level 3 Bed

    Level 3: Ergoline Passion 40/3

    • 15 Minute Max Tanning Time
    • 40 Lamps - 140W each (Reflectors)
    • 3 Facial Lamps - 500W each

    The Ergoline Passion 40/3 offers the combination of reflector body lamps with high-pressure facial lamps to offer faster color in fewer visits. The facials deliver a bronze color to help eliminate the pinkish/red tones that can develop from regular UVB exposure. The curve of the lower acrylic allows UV light to direct toward the sides of your body helping to create a more even tan!

     Level 4: Heartland Ovation 6400

      • 12 Minute Max Tanning Time
      • 44 Lamps - 160W each (Reflectors)
      • 4 Facial Lamps - 500W each
      • 2 Shoulder Lamps - 250W each

      Want that deep-golden tan fast?...Look no further! Large, contoured, dual-base acrylics offer roomy comfort and help to keep you cool, along with comfort cooling fan system. Maximum and minimum settings for your facials allow you to control the intensity. This Ovation offers function and performance, but also great style!




      Level 5 Bed


      Level 5: Sportarredo Turbo Massage T180

        • 30 Minute Max Tanning Time (15 Minutes Each Side)
        • 20 Lamps - 1000W each (High-Pressure)

        Relax, nap and tan...it doesn't get better! This high-pressure tanning unit delivers deep, dark bronze color with long lasting results. Even the hard to tan (very fair) skin type may see desirable results from this tanning unit. So lay down and leave your worries behind for a half hour! The massaging vibration of the mattress has 10 speeds for your desired comfort level.